Transform your yard with Sod Installation

Planning and preparation are essential for a successful sod installation project.  

We will carefully measure your project area and determine the number of square feet of sod youʼll need.  Your sod will be delivered on pallets.

We’ll prepare the site properly for your sod installation project so it will be successful. If weeds are a problem, we will use an herbicide to control the weeds well before your sod installation date.  Prepare the soil so that… Read more »

Lawn Care | Wichita Lawn Care Company

Lawn Care Services for Wichita

Get lawn care services for your home or business from Daniel’s Lawn and Landscaping Services. Daniel’s Lawn and Landscaping Services offers a wide range of lawn care services such as: lawn aeration, fertilization and weekly lawn mowing. We will keep your lawn looking its best the whole season.

Lawn Aeration

Did you know that lawn aeration should be performed once per growing season? Lawn aeration is the most beneficial cultural practice lawn service. Lawn aeration is… Read more »