Transform your yard with Sod Installation

Planning and preparation are essential for a successful sod installation project.  

We will carefully measure your project area and determine the number of square feet of sod youʼll need.  Your sod will be delivered on pallets.

We’ll prepare the site properly for your sod installation project so it will be successful. If weeds are a problem, we will use an herbicide to control the weeds well before your sod installation date.  Prepare the soil so that… Read more »

Sodding or Seed – Which is best?

Sodding and seeding home lawns

When establishing a new lawn, a common question asked is, “Should I seed or sod?” Both have advantages and disadvantages. There are three important decisions when considering establishment methods: 1) turfgrass selection, 2) site preparation, and 3) care of the new lawn. These considerations will be discussed for each establishment method.

The pros and cons

The most important difference between seeding and sodding is the time necessary for developing a… Read more »