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Landscaping Ideas

If you need some landscaping ideas and you’re wondering where to start a landscape transformation, look no farther than your front yard. It’s the first thing that you see driving up to your house, and you can wow guests before they even enter your home. Just remember that curb appeal is important, but no matter how pretty your landscape is, it needs to be functional.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Landscaping Design Tools

Landscaping software allows you to create a landscape and watch it grow without leaving your chair, much less picking up a shovel and digging the holes. When you choose Daniels Lawn and Landscaping, our landscape-design software offers a wide range of options decide what you want to accomplish. Our software packages allows us to scan a photo of your yard and drag-and-drop plants and hardscape features on a digital version of it. Before Posted by… Read more »

Landscape Design Increases Property Value

The art of landscape design can greatly increase the value of your property and your landscape design is one of the first impressions that your home presents. Landscape design is a crucial job hence you need to put your trust with someone with experience. When searching for the right landscaping design company, every homeowner must consider two important things before hiring a landscape design contractor. Make sure that it is a reputable company. It… Read more »

Landscape Edging for your yard

Landscape edging is a permanent, hard material that supplies a crisp edge between areas of the garden. Edging plays important roles in the garden. Most well-designed gardens consist of a series of shapes and forms, each representing an area set aside for a different purpose, such as a vine-covered sitting area or a flower garden. Using landscape edging accentuates each garden area and defines the shape and form of the overall design.

Landscape Edging Uses

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Landscaping Ideas – Irrigation

Mow your grass at a higher length (so that it is longer.) While there is some debate about whether this saves much water, scalping the grass off at a low height is definitely not good for the vigor and health of the grass. Longer grass has deeper, stronger roots and is more resistant to disease and drought. Most grass should be mowed to a length of no less than 3 inches. Dethatch and/or aerate your… Read more »

Landscaping Ideas – Pavestone and Edging

Use several small patios or seating and relaxation spaces. Small, open areas organize the yard into functional spaces, and the surface materials require little care. Bricks, pavers, stone, and gravel are durable and long lasting. Ensure permeability by laying the pavers and stone on a sand and gravel bed over filter fabric that allows water to drain. Use garden walls, low fences, and pathways. Short garden walls and pathways between plant beds provide structure by… Read more »

Landscaping Ideas – Locating Plants

Use a simple plant palette with fewer, hardier plants. Select 10–15 plants to use in large masses and repeat them throughout the yard. Repeating the same types of plants in several plant beds simplifies the maintenance with the same care requirements. Group plants with the same water needs, and use drip irrigation when possible to reduce water use throughout the garden. Slightly crowd plants together in the plant beds. Conventional planting techniques recommend spacing plants… Read more »

Landscaping Ideas – Selecting Plants

Landscaping Ideas – Selecting Plants

Choose plants appropriate for your area. Check the hardiness zone for cold tolerance, select long-lived plants that thrive in your soil conditions, note insect problems and susceptibility to disease, and consider sturdiness and wind resistance. Pay attention to plants that work well and repeat them in areas with similar conditions. Base plant choices more on interesting foliage than flowers. Flowers often require time for deadheading, regular maintenance, and replacement. Look… Read more »