Mulch and your Landscape

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Why You Should use Mulch

There are many “green” benefits to applying mulch. Applying mulch to your landscape is a simple “green up” strategy that everyone can do.

Mulches help maintain soil moisture by reducing evaporation and allows you to water less.

Fresh mulch is known to inhibit weed germination and growth reducing the need for herbicides. All that is needed is a little hand weeding.

Another big plus for using mulch is that it buffers soil temperatures keeping soils warmer in the winder and cooler in the summer.

Mulch around trees and shrubs makes maintenance easier, reducing the likelihood of damage from string types of trimmers. In an area that is difficult to mow, irrigate, or maintain, use mulch to replace turf or ground cover. Consider placing mulch in shady areas where plants don’t grow well.

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More Lawn Care & Landscaping Tips

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